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Partition Magic Download For PC and Laptops

Partition Magic is the editor of the hard disk with a large functional for solving a variety of tasks. Perfect for personal computers, not congested large amounts of physical memory as the maximum size that is able to handle the software product must not exceed 300 GB. In the process of the application data stored within the hard drive is not exposed to any harmful adjustments and certainly can not be removed.

It opens to the user audience unsurpassed operational and safe transition from one OS to another, installed within the same computer. Using functional arsenal can not only share part of the “screw”, but also to merge several chapters into one. De-fragmentation can be run without any problems, which is an advantage of this intellectual product. Partition Magic – the best solution for editing directly in the drive during the installation of Windows, unfortunately, correct operation can boast only on older versions, XP in particular.

Main Features Of Partition Magic

Partition Magic program copes with both FAT, and with the NTFS-file system, and the difference in the processing speed and functions will not be able to find. The main features introduced as part of the intellectual product, it should be noted: change the size of virtual disks, the availability of effective tools for full or partial copying, regulation of cluster sizes, the rapid transformation of types of file systems from one to another, overlapping sections, and it is only part of the powerful functionality. Also, the application is characterized by support for USB storage devices. Moreover, the decision Partition Magic are able to initiate a bootable media. The interface is quite simple, although in case of difficulties to come to the aid of detailed guidance.

Key Features Of Partition Magic

  • Fast and safe work with hard disk partitions;
  • When working with the application data is not deleted;
  • It can be used for scheduled backups;
  • Working with USB-devices;
  • Not only to create partitions, but also to combine already existing in one common;
  • Support operations with partitions up to 300 GB;
  • For hard drives larger may require additional memory;
  • BootMagic makes it easy to switch between different operating systems installed on your PC;
  • It allows you to enlarge an NTFS partition without restarting your computer;
  • It supports Linux ext2 and ext3;
  • It has the training materials.


Advantages Of Partition Magic

Ease of use
A wide range of possibilities
Work with all types of file systems
Pleasant appearance

Shortcomings Of Partition Magic

Dropped support for developers
Poor compatible with other similar utilities
Restrictions on the size of hard disk memory
It does not support the new OS
Distributed-based license fee

Partition Magic Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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