Power Tab Editor 1.7 Free Download

Power Tab Editor is a program that can create scores for guitar and bass.It is ideal for beginning guitar students to write musical compositions, with the advantage that you can listen to the same application.

The editor has a pentagram in which notes are introduced, with the possibility of listening to the result of partial reproduction, and thus the composition is being fulfilled. It supports both musical symbols for those who have knowledge of music theory , as well as numerical symbols.

Power Tab Editor 1.7 Download

The result can be recorded in PTB format, and it is possible to import scores already made in that format, to practice or to modify. It also supports MIDI format.

Power Tab Editor 1.7 is the latest version, which is available for the following versions of Windows: 9x, NT, 2000 and XP. It is totally free .

Power Tab Editor 1.7 Download

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