pocket.do – SMS ? Browser Free Download

Pocket.do is a free application that lets you use the phone in your browser! You can send / receive SMS via phone, activate the Spy-Cam, share images, locate the phone or export your messages and save them forever epic. Works great with 3G and 4G or Wi-Fi.

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SMS – Text messaging:
Connect your Android phone with pocket.do and you can use the browser to send and receive messages through your phone. Your boss will think you are busy working, you’re actually texting Frank party last Friday.

Locate the phone:
Lost your phone, or not find it? pocket.do can help. Just locate your phone on a map, or even track to see where it goes. The alarm sounds even if mute.

Enable Spycam:
His roommate is creeping in your room? Want to see what your partner is doing when they are alone? Leave the phone in the room and turn on spycam to find out. I think someone could get busted here.

Share your images:
Now you have all the pictures you took on your computer. You can easily edit and then share them on facebook. Or you can create a private connection to the photo gallery, share images with your friends.

Export text messages:
Keep your conversations epic forever. Export your text messages with a single click to PDF.

Manage your contacts:
Edit, delete and create new contacts in your phone. Very fast and very easy.

The battery will love this:
Pocket.do been optimized for better performance while reducing the need for battery power.

Used over 3G and 4G or Wi-Fi:
pocket.do works great with all modern networks. Also works with Wifi.

pocket.do – SMS ? Browser Free Download

pocket.do – SMS ? Browser Free Download

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