Arles Download Manager Free Download

Arles Download Manager is a program to manage and speed downloads of all types, including direct download sites like Rapidshare, or publication of videos, like YouTube.

Supports downloading from Rapidshare and may include multiple links together so that the application be in charge of the successive discharge of the contents. Should not have a premium account Rapidshare downloads are performed in series, but if yes have a premium account may be simultaneous downloads, and handles Arles empower the most.

Arles Download Manager Download

Arles allowed to post comments that are enrolled downloads and queued. This can be useful in cases such as Rapidshare, which often files are RAR or ZIP type and are password protected. For better organization, enter the password and comment right there may be advisable.

It is increasingly common for websites containing Flash video (. FLV). They can be downloaded easily with Arles. In addition to being integrated into Internet Explorer, facilitates this task.

Arles Download Manager Free Download

Arles Download Manager Free Download

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