Pendisk Ninja Free Download

Pendisk Ninja is a program that protects you from viruses that may enter from USB sticks(flash drives). It is common to connect memories of this type, which may be infected, and may be good practice to rely on this application, once it detects that the device is connected via USB, analyzes it, and if it finds it removes viruses.

Autorun.inf and ctfmon.exe files are scanned by this antivirus, because they may be victims of viruses, Trojans, and worms.

Pendisk Ninja Download

Among the viruses detected by the antivirus are:

auto.exe, autorun.ini, autorun.pif, autorun.vbs, autorun.exe, autorun.bat, autorun.cmd, autorun.hta, avpo.exe, Bha.dll.vbs, ctfmon.exe, copy.exe, destrukto.vbs, Fucker.vbs, host.exe, heap41a, killvbs.vbs, knight.exe, host.exe, imvo.exe, isi32.exe, Macromedia_Setup.exe, McRegWizz.exe, mmc.exe, msvcr71.dl, among others.

The program requires no installation, and can be added to the list of programs that run automatically when Windows starts.
Pendisk Ninja 1.9 is the latest version, updated in January 2010, we offer this software to download.

Pendisk Ninja Free Download

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