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OpenVPN Client Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

OpenVPN Client – freeware to create an encrypted channel between computers technology-based VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Using the Open VPN, the user can solve the problems associated with the secure connection of wireless networks, telecommunications, home or office, connecting remote users secure communications with remote offices.

Creating a network enables the exchange of data between users, view files stored on other computers and to make documents necessary changes. But often, this program is used by gamers for the fights in online gaming so, download free OpenVPN – will be useful not only for office workers, but also for gamers.

Due to the fact that the main purpose of OpenVPN is to provide communication between the combined into a single virtual network computers, the issue of security of information transfer has been given special attention. In the network you created each of the computers will be assigned a permanent personal IP-address, through which you can connect to the host PC.

Key Features Of OpenVPN:

The creation of virtual private networks;
Establishment of permanent IP-addresses;
Verifying authentication when logging in;
Data security using OpenSSL;
Cross-platform OpenVPN (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD and OpenBSD);
Share files with other computers;
In the network game.

The program implements the technology VPN, is open source, will allow you to create encrypted channels such as point-to-point or example server-client relationship between you the necessary computers. In addition, the product will allow you to easily establish connections between computers, which in turn are behind NAT-firewall, at the same time you will not have to change any settings, everything is quite clear OpenVPN download the direct link – quickly and free of charge, you may use our website .

In order to provide maximum protection and control channel data stream, it uses well-known to many library OpenSSL. If desired, you can configure packet authentication type HMAC, unless of course you need more security, although it seems to me, and the standard library is enough. OpenVPN can authorize hardware acceleration, thereby improved performance encryption.

This program has several types of authentication, you just have to choose a more suitable. For example, the simplest method of authorization can be called “Preset key” if you need a more flexible method with a lot of settings, then there should select “Certificate Authentication”, well, familiar to many login and password issued to a specific user, thus creating a client certificate is not necessary.


OpenVPN Client Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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