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MSI Afterburner Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

MSI Afterburner – specialized software, which is kind of a system tool designed to provide effective productivity (“acceleration”) cards. That is, it can be used to achieve maximum optimization of relevant characteristics that lead to the fact that the work card will be an order of magnitude faster.

As a specific software designed for use within the GPU from the video card manufacturer MSI. The utility is based on the basis of software kernel RivaTuner, which in turn is considered to be the best in matters of optimization of graphics cards. Using the functionality of the software, you will be able to change some of his own values ​​set by the device manufacturer by default because in most cases they appear not quite optimal, and certainly does not meet the requirements of peak performance. However, contact with the infusion should be carefully, because incorrect settings can significantly disrupt the operation of the entire system.

Graphical user interface MSI Afterburner is Russian localization, which greatly simplifies the process of dealing with the utility. Appearance can be customized for a particular user for maximum performance and control. Support for multiple profiles provide optimal performance for different operating conditions.

Main Features Of MSI Afterburner

Using the option MSI Afterburner, you can make a great setting and the “acceleration” graphics cards. Speaking advanced intelligent product within its framework implemented quality service even the most modern GPUs from the company NVIDIA, AMD and MSI. In particular products and the latest versions of MSI is a priority, in line with this it should be noted controls voltage GPU. All complex algorithms and processes MSI Afterburner implemented in auto mode, as a consequence of using the application can not only professional “overclockers”, but even a novice.

Among the useful features should provide support for AMD Radeon, utility tracks regime change 2D and 3D, the ability to adjust and change the voltage that is supplied to the video memory and GPU, adjusts automatically, set values ​​for cooling the GPU, making it on the basis of data on temperature, as well as many other useful operations. Implemented to work with profiles, each of which may be involved appropriate “hot” keys.



Advantages Of MSI Afterburner

The compact size of the program
Low system requirements
User-friendly interface
Support for user profiles
Free of charge


The complexity of the development in the early stages
Not all models can be configured using the software

MSI Afterburner Download

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Sahil Shah
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