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Download CCleaner For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

CCleaner – very simple and convenient in terms of the use of a program designed to clean your PC may clutter the file system and registry. Intelligent product provides a thorough search of the further removal of objects that have lost their significance, which over time accumulate on any PC, especially in conditions of continuous operation. In the case of cleaning focuses on the data of Internet browsers. Check the integrity of the registry is also indispensable for the correct operation of the operating system without any glitches.

Utility CCleaner also includes a number of additional tools, such as the removal of software, automatic feed control, identification of duplicates and their subsequent withdrawal, control points resuscitation OS, up to completely erase the hard drive. Positive effects become noticeable immediately, put it thus in a significant acceleration of PCs.

CCleaner has been made for the safe use. It has multiple levels of security checks in order to ensure that nothing will not be removed and the desired efficiency. For very suspicious and cautious user is also provided a system backup.

Main Features Of CCleaner:

The advantage of working with CCleaner is with some urgency this application performs error detection and correction. Enough to run the required software, you instantly get comprehensive information about what is in your operating system has too much from what it would be recommended to get rid of.
On the basis of implemented tools, you can also get a detailed report about the software that preserves more on the used files. This service is without doubt has an order of magnitude more than what a similar component of Windows, however, its use should not be treated carelessly, as this may cause the removal of an important component of the system architecture.

Key Features Of CCleaner:

  • Added option to add items to ignore new files.
  • Improved cleaning history Opera.
  • Improved functioning skip UAC.
  • Optimized recovery detection program.
  • Improved support for small screens.
  • Improved support for localization.
  • Other interface improvements.
  • Fixed bugs.

Advantages Of Of CCleaner:

Opportunities CCleaner
Easy to use interface
Does not require the expenditure of significant resources
Allows for significant optimization of the PC
Has integration with Windows navigation
There are automatic updates
Compatible with Windows 8


To upgrade, you must first remove the old version, and then put a new
Maintenance is no different promptness
You can accidentally delete something useful


Download CCleaner

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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