KompoZer Free Download

KompoZer is a program used to create web pages, which has a WYSYWIG editor, which allows you to see how it is becoming the page layout instantly on the same interface. It is a free alternative to programs like Dreamweaver,having similar characteristics.

The advantage of this type of program is the ability to make web pages without knowledge of HTML or CSS, because it has the necessary tools to build the design fairly intuitive. Supports tables, forms and templates (templates).

It has four Edit modes: Normal (the edit view, as if it were the Word or similar), Code (code is genearado), HTML Tags (a combination of the above), and Preview (shows the page which is going to look in the browser). You can switch from one mode to another easily, with a tab system.

KompoZer Free

Kompozer offers more tools, such as a console javascript code to create a CSS style editor and an FTP client, the web server to send the pages created.

KompoZer 0.8 Beta 3 is the latest version (updated in February 2010) of this web editor that can be downloaded for free. It is also open source, cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Macintosh).

KompoZer Free Download

KompoZer Free Download

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