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How To Export Games From iPhone To PC

The iPhone can easily download and install games plus applications directly from the online iTunes App Store on your device. While installing the media management software program through iTunes on your PC, you can operate the computer and the iPhone, and export your games, applications, content and configuration. It enables you to support your iPhone data and restore it at a later date if reset, delete or exchange the device. As soon as set up is made, iTunes will immediately export all new games and applications from the iPhone to the PC every time you sync via USB cable.

Items You Require

  1. iTunes
  2. iPhone USB cable

More Instructions Regarding “How To Export iPhone To PC Game”

1: Install the current version of iTunes on your computer and follow the installation guidelines given on detailed on the website of Apple. Once installation is finish, release iTunes by pressing its icon on the desktop.

Fullscreen capture 9192014 51902 PM.bmp

2: Associate your iphone with your computer by making use of USB cable. ITunes will instantly identify your iphone and it will add it to the “Devices” section in the left column.

Fullscreen capture 9192014 42856 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 9192014 43154 PM.bmp

3: Choose your iPhone from the “Devices” list and open the “Applications” tab in the main iTunes window.

Fullscreen capture 9192014 44048 PM.bmp
4: Check the “Sync Apps” box at the top of the Applications tab.

Fullscreen capture 9192014 43539 PM.bmp

5: Press “Apply” button in the bottom of right corner of the iTunes window to sync your iPhone with your PC. All iPhone apps, games, content and settings can be exported to iTunes on your PC.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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