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BillDesk Helps You Pay Your Bills Online

In this article we will learn how you can pay your online bills with BillDesk?

Would you get in queue to pay for your Telephone bill each morning time? Would you still visit pay your utility bill? Would you still pay your LIC premium by going to LIC premium collection center? Would you still see your favorite shop to purchase recharge for the cell phone? If you’re still having to pay these bills by going to respected branches near your neighborhood and waiting in a lengthy queue and costing you important time. If put forth repay what you owe on branches do it yourself minimum one hour. Normally, it requires fifteen minutes to 1 and half hrs in the future your opportunity. Your bike is going to be eroded and gas will burn.


Because of online payment systems. Billdesk is definitely an online payment system being used by lots of of internet service companies in India. Using Billdesk you may make obligations round-the-clock each day, seven days a week and all year round. Individual customers don’t use Billdesk to pay for bills online but anybody can register to pay for bills online.

To pay for bills online, you have to register a free account in Billdesk you will want a financial institution account that you’d like to create obligations with, here you need to fill with correct information as bank title, account number, MICR code. In final step you have to add billers.

The registration process isn’t much easy, when you attend register you need to provide your private information as name, surname, mailing address, city, pin code, condition, country, telephone and primary current email address. This really is all mandatory.

Now you must to produce login information, most of your current email address is going to be instantly designated for login ID, choose password and secret question with secret answer. Finally you need to accept the conditions and terms.

In second page you need to provide your bank particulars as the bank title, account number, MICR code, as well as your name because it is in your money and account type.

You’ll be registered and can have the ability to add billers, but to create obligations there’s additional process, Billdesk will be sending a welcome package with prefilled enrollment form along with a bank authorization form. The welcome package may have information of billdesk services.

Like a final step you need to sign registration form and bank authorization form send for you with welcome package. And you’re asked for to transmit a photocopy of cheque or perhaps a blank canceled cheque from your bank to ensure the precision of the code number. You are able to send these documents in pre-compensated business envelop that is included with welcome package, to Billdesk collection center of the area, here you’ll find collection center of the area.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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