Hotspot Shield Download For Windows XP, 7, 8 PC

Hotspot Shield VPN – free application from AnchorFree Inc., is able to secure WiFi-connection with the review of public access points.

Hotspot Shield VPN program can be used as an indispensable assistant to ensure anonymity and confidentiality in overcoming censorship on the Internet and access the site, the entrance to which is possible only in certain countries.

To ensure the security of Internet connection application creates a virtual private network between the nature of the user’s computer and the developer’s site, located in the US. This connection is perceived websites as input from the United States.

Hotspot Shield also makes moving through the network, and private messages invisible to other websites and ISP user. All VPN-network encoded 128-bit SSL-encrypted for safe travel over the Internet without worrying about what attackers can intercept your data. In addition, the program automatically encrypts all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.


Main Features Of Hotspot Shield:

  • Easy to install and work with the program
  • Automatically determines the best connection
  • Regularly updated in order to increase productivity
  • Unlimited bandwidth, multi-language interface, support for many operating systems.


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