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Free VPN Software | VPN Service System | Logmein Hamachi Free Download

The VPN Service stands for Virtual Private Networking system. It is a sort of public telecommunication procedure which makes interaction easy and convenient. The internet is a kind of VPN mode of service that helps to stay connected to the central organizational network. The networking mechanism is blessed with encryption technicalities which help in maintaining the sanctity and relevance of all private details. Thus, there is no chance of all your secrets getting disclosed to the third party.

Types of VPN Services

PPTP – Among all the simplest form of VPN Service, one which appeals to the mass is the PPTP. This is a software based program which runs on the strength of your personal internet connection. In the process, a secured tunnel is constructed by the help of which a remote user can easily get connected to a remote connection.  You do not have to spend much on learning and using the system as everything happens on a created and managed infrastructure. Thus, you can start straight without making a detailed planning of the system.

Site-to-Site VPN – In this sort of VPN Service, you do not have a dedicated line for usage. The site has its personal internet connection, and the source may not be the similar ISP. One of these may work with a dedicated T1 system, and the other may function with the help of a DSL. It is to some extent similar to the point to point connection, yet with certain technical differences.

Point-to-Point VPN – This is the most conventional form of VPN Service. The mechanisms are also termed as “leased-line VPNs.” Here you just require a dedicated line from the ISP, and then you can stay connected to multiple networking systems at the same time. You can use line effectively without any interruption within the network.

Free VPN Software :

logmein hamachi

LogMeiIn Hamachi : is a Hosted VPN software that lets you connect with your team via LAN-like networks, browse the web securely, protects your identity, provide you the user access from a centralized gateway etc. It works with windows 7, Xp, Vista and mac.

Try LogMeIn Hamachi free here after registration.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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