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Download Outpost Security Suite For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

Outpost Security Suite is a comprehensive security solution that provides complete protection against all dangers on the Internet: hackers, spyware, viruses, backdoors, rootkits, Trojans and worms. Also, the computer is protected from the flow of unwanted messages (spam).
A unique feature of the product is to use technology developed from scratch Agnitum. Advanced Host Protection specifically controls the behavior of all, without exception, programs and processes running on the machine.

While the usual anti-virus software blocking techniques practiced by virus attacks using basic directory threats, Outpost Security Suite is repelled from the base of the authorized operations. Each new, unknown attempt to change another program will be blocked if it is not enabled by you.

The package of Outpost Security Suite includes firewall, antivirus with proactive protection module with Spyware / antispam. All of them provide protection for your computer in real time. Unlike the similar anti-virus software, Outpost Free is not only prevents infection by malicious elements, but also can save the system from damage caused to install this software.

Key Features Of Outpost Security Suite

Advanced Host Protection module monitors the behavior of detail is absolutely all programs and processes running in the computer’s memory. Usually antivirus to detect attacks checked base threat models, but this tool uses all the base of operations. Each new, unknown attempt to modify other document is blocked unless the file is not in the list of allowed.

You can adjust the degree of protection for the individual needs and abilities of the user. The package includes anti-virus and anti-spam, providing the user with full patronage during operation of your device. Outpost Security Suite – is a user-friendly interface and easy operation without appreciable load the processor and RAM.

A key element of the whole package is a firewall, which is based on the popular firewall Outpost Security Suite. It allows you to track the generated within the device outgoing and incoming calls, create rules under which the software will work, for example to filter domains and IP addresses.


Advantages Of Outpost Security Suite

  • Effective firewall
  • Comprehensive protection against viruses and spyware utilities
  • Intuitiveness and usability
  • Anti-virus scanner with the function of monitoring the network connection
  • Firewall with a list of the default settings for known applications
  • Filter acting on the basis of the definition of the cloud
  • Removal of advertising from web pages
  • Advanced trackers Internet connection

Download Outpost Security Suite

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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