Free Download Clink 0.3 For Windows Xp, 7

Clink is a tiny tool that adds some extra functionality to the command line of Windows.

By putting in Clink will be extra the chance to paste the text from the clipboard right with Ctrl + V ie not will be far more need to have to use the menu contextual of the appropriate essential.

The chronology of command line has been enhanced and this persists even amongst diverse sessions: for use it just press the Up or Down important of the keyboard.

If you press Tab then the plan could display the paths accessible, with the executables or the corresponding commands. If you are in the Windows folder, for instance, and you want execute a command net *. Exe but you do not remember the syntax, then on pressing the Tab key will be shown all the choices ie netstat.exe, netbtugc.exe net.exe, netiougc.exe, netplwiz.exe, net1.exe, Netcfg.exe and netsh.exe).

In conclusion Clink does not ago another than upgrading the line of commands of Windows and reveals himself really useful at programmers and geeks.

Free Download Clink 0.3 For Windows Xp, 7

Download Clink 0.3

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