Free Download AccountRect 2.1 For Windows Xp, 7

AccountRect is a quite powerful plan with which to create secure passwords. The 1st defense of their accounts on the internet is to use complicated passwords and credentials hacker proof.AccountRect is a program that helps create them with ease.To produce these protected, this program uses a combination of a master password, the URL of the internet site the place we want to develop the password and our E-mail tackle.

The outcome will be an alpha numeric password complex and secure as achievable.AccountRect perform equally well as a password manager.That is, the program is capable to keep all the information from our account on the net.Possibility very useful for men and women on the net have numerous profiles.The application supplies a user interface really nicely created and easy to use even if only in English.AccountRect is free.

Free Download AccountRect 2.1 For Windows Xp, 7

Download AccountRect 2.1

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