FaceOnBody Free Download

FaceOnBody is a program that lets you edit photos and create fun montages, superimposing the head of a person in the body of another person or animal. Includes images that can be used as a basis (includes photos of famous classical paintings, movie posters, etc..), To which they can add a face(photo taken from a staff member, friend, boss, girlfriend, etc.. ).

FaceOnBody does not require knowledge of graphic editing, as that should be taken to achieve the same effect using Photoshop, Gimp or similar, and with little work and you can easily get a photomontage.

The application attempts to integrate both images, trying to be noticed as little as possible to overlap. The technology called AutoFlesh automatically alter the colors, brightness and shadows of both pictures to be similar.

FaceOnBody Download

FaceOnBody 2.4 is the latest version of this image editing software that can be downloaded for evaluation, since it is not free its final version. This evaluation version of the program adds the logo to photos.

FaceOnBody Free Download

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