Norman Malware Cleaner Free Download

Norman Malware Cleaner is a program that scans your system for malicious software (malware)and rootkits installed on your system, detects and removes it.

We recommend using a constantly updated antivirus, but such tools, or the like, such as Ad-aware or Spybot among others, are a good addition as they can detect threats that were not detected by the antivirus.

Norman is able to terminate processes infected, remove infected files already on your hard disk, or removable flash drive, repair the registry in case any modifications made malicious purposes, remove files added in host who intend making any redirection, repair alterations to the Windows firewall rules, find and remove rootkits, etc..

This program has no permanent protection as it can have SpyBot, but runs only to analyze the system for possible infections, but does not prevent them.

Some variants of malware detected by Norman are: Blaster, Dloader, Dumaru, Feebs, Haxdoor, Mydoom, Mytob NewDotNet, Rootkit, Sasser, Sdbot, Sircam, Smalltroj, Sober, Sobig, SpyAxe, Startpage, and Zotob; and several more.
Norman Malware Cleaner 1.8.3 (with updated virus definitions to 15.03.2011) is the latest version, recently updated in March 2011. It can be downloaded for free.

Norman Malware Cleaner Download

Norman Malware Cleaner Free Download

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