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Download Word2PDF For Windows

The Word2PDF is an application that converts documents created in Word to PDF in a few seconds and with just a few clicks.

It is an online service, despite being accessed through a program of Windows 8, so you need to have an internet connection for it to work properly.

Open the app, click “Open from source location” to open a file from your computer or “Open from URL” to use a document that is hosted online and who has a direct link, as the addresses of sharing Dropbox, for example . After selecting the item, just click “Convert” and Word2PDF does the rest.

The location in which you want to save the item is indicated only after the conversion was made; also enter a name for the file. After the conversion is done, it gives the opportunity to open the document in PDF reader Windows 8, leaving the Word2PDF in a corner of the screen available to do more operations.


The Word2PDF is a good application for those who need to turn Word files in PDF, since it works properly and gets the text with the correct formatting in the new format, even though it has tables and images in the original. The transformation is done in just a few seconds and no need to configure anything advanced way, as it makes the whole process alone.

It is extremely easy to use this application and therefore it can be used by anyone. With just two clicks the app transforms the documents, but a connection problem appeared constantly. After a conversion, it says it can not access the internet and you need a new attempt or even restart the app for it to work properly.

Another problem is that it really needs an internet connection to function, so if you’re using it on a tablet without 3G or WiFi, this app will fail to meet the task of transforming your files from one format to another. In addition, another limitation is to do it the other way, turning PDFs into Word documents.

Even so, this app is very interesting for those who want a quick shortcut to transform Word documents into PDF quickly and without taking up much space on your computer (it occupies less than 500 KB). It’s worth testing it, since conversions are successful even for files that contain pictures or other graphical objects.

Download Word2PDF For Windows

Download Word2PDF For Windows

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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