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Download Sticky Password For Windows, Android, iOS

Sticky Password is the manager credentials (passwords and logins) and personal or corporate, administered in all kinds of forms. The tool collects user names and passwords for both sites and applications installed, then automatically completes the fields credentials and logs us in the selected site or a specific program.

It is also possible to create and use the so-called. identity, a collection of your personal data (including credit card details) or company that will be automatically pasted in the appropriate form, placed for example.’s community portal, an online store, bank or on any other website that requires this type of information.

The program works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Flock, SeaMonkey, Yandex, as well as with various applications, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Skype, iTunes. For each of the supported browsers installed to extend Sticky Password, allowing you to easily navigate to frequently visit our sites that require authentication, automatically log them, and use the other functions of the program.

Account names, passwords, and other data are stored locally or may be placed in the cloud project, the tool can synchronize with the cloud using any computer or mobile device, as long as you log in to your account Sticky Password. program imported into your database logins and passwords stored in the previously mentioned browsers (and Thunderbird), so that the user does not have the basics to create a list of accounts and enter their respective passwords.

There are also features importing data from a file exported using Sticky Password, as well as programs RoboForm, KeePass and Last Pass. This tool will allow you to export all stored in the data or only selected information, they can be stored in an encrypted database Sticky Password (version 6 or 7), as well as unprotected XML files, HTML, and TXT.

The program has a built-in password generator allows you to create a strong combination of a large number of characters, taking into account the uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and typographic characters. In the application we use also the option to create secured notes, in which you can place any information, including the various templates (credit cards, licenses, ID cards, etc..) Quick access to notes (the so-called. Memos), we get by using icon tools, present in the Windows notification area. Sticky Password offers also special tabs for easy transition to the interesting sites using the application window or browser extensions.

In addition, the tool automatically stores the most frequently visit our pages that require authentication and adds them to the Favorites menu. program allows for appropriate grouping of data, for example. themes for sites or destination programs. At any time you can manage all information, segregate, create or edit your account, passwords, identities, notes, bookmarks, as well as groups of data. Available options are ignoring selected sites and applications – account names, passwords and other data related to such sites or the programs are not saved. Quick Launch option will allow you to quickly find interesting letter pages in the application database, and enable the transition to this site, along with automatic logging.

It is possible to prepare a program for action in the portable version, you need the application files and the database can be stored on removable media, eg. USB key. Regarding security, Sticky Password grants access to the data only after entering the master password database is encrypted program AES, no tool also allows you to capture passwords through keyloggers, because it automatically completes the authentication field, without having to use the keyboard. If desired, it is also possible to use a virtual keyboard.

The application evaluates the level of password strength, and if they prove to be too weak, informs us of this fact by clearly visible warning. Graphical program was made ​​with a big sense of aesthetics, the interface is intuitive and looks modern. Less experienced users should have no trouble handling the tools, but in the event of difficulties in the configuration, can use the tutorial built into the application, as well as support service that is available on the manufacturer’s website.
Download Sticky Password For Windows, Android, iOS

Download Sticky Password For Windows

Download Sticky Password For Android

Download Sticky Password For iOS

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