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Download Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus For Windows

Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus is a free antivirus program to protect against all types of viruses, malware and spyware software. On our site there is a new version of antivirus, download Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus free can now.

The program is easy to use, has many features. Almost automatic setup program, it gives you the opportunity to use the program without difficulty for beginners. Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus is regularly updated, which allows to protect your computer against new types of virus attacks. Updates are available daily, except emergency updates may be due to outbreaks of viral attacks. Update virus database can be performed every hour by the user. The application interface is simple, it is a convenient and intuitive once its all important components are available at the touch of a button. Antivirus scanner owns a technology discovery of new species and unknown viruses.

Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus scans your computer for infected files in real time. Antivirus scans e-mail and through new technologies capable of stopping infected emails at the input port, so that these letters will not fall into your inbox. Virus signatures are automatically updated. Antivirus has technical support, infected or suspicious files can be sent to the laboratory analysis, and then get them on the report. Download Protector Plus Antivirus 2013 can be on the following link.

Key features of Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus:

• Interface

New Interface Protector Plus was designed for easier use. All critical components of antivirus available at the touch of a button. Intuitive interface, even new users to easily customize it to your needs.

• anti-virus scanner

Scanning engine is configured to effective verification system. For maximum security, use a heuristic detection technology of new and unknown viruses.

• Check real-time

Scanner real-time antivirus Protector Plus is designed for continuous monitoring system. This helps to avoid contracting the virus systems during activities such as browsing the Internet, access to the network, the use of removable media (CD-ROM, USB-stick, etc.). Real-time scanner ensures the security of the system.

• E-mail Scanning

Improved checking email with the latest technology will stop infected messages on the incoming port before they reach your inbox for an email. Mail scanner settings are automated to facilitate the use for novice users.

• InstaUpdate

InstaUpdate function automatically downloads virus signature updates in the background without disturbing the user. Can be loaded hourly updates to ensure protection against the latest threats that spread very quickly.

• Submit Sample

A powerful tool that helps developers Proland Software to provide technical support and to investigate system users. Through the user friendly interface files can be easily sent to the laboratory analysis of infections. Customers can submit suspicious files loaded at system startup, the files that were heuristically labeled as suspicious or the files moved to quarantine. Each request is examined along with a report is distributed towards the user.

• Update the virus database

Virus database updates Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus – compact size, are released daily. In addition to this emergency updates are released when there are outbreaks of viral infections. InstaUpdate function automatically download these updates free of charge.

Download Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus For Windows

Download Protector Plus 2013 Antivirus For Windows

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Sahil Shah
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