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Download IObit Protected Folder For Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8

IObit Protected Folder – is designed to password-protect your files and folders from prying eyes. It works like a safety deposit box, just drag and drop files or folders that you want to hide or password protect a folder, and no one can see, read or modify them. If you are concerned about your privacy, data theft, loss, or data leaks, Password Protected Folder is an ideal tool for you.

IObit Protected Folder – a small utility to protect files and folders from unauthorized detection, reading or modification by other users.

Iobit Protected Folder perfectly cope with security for stored documents on your computer, protecting them from theft, and attempts to restrict access to them. Also, you can not worry about that with a copy of your files will be removed or accidentally delete them.

Both the interface IObit Protected Folder, and the principle of the application is very similar to the deposit box or safe normal, which is convenient to store your documents. To see this – just IObit Protected Folder download and test it in the work.

Protected Folder Features:

• Easy to use
Just drag and drop files to the program Protected Folder and assign a password to protect them. Intuitive interface is perfect for even inexperienced computer user.

• Hide your files
You can hide folders, files, images and video from the eyes of those who may be interested in certain files on your computer. No one will see hidden files, except you.

• Restrict access
to any folders, files and programs you can restrict access. Set a password on a folder and all the files contained in it will allow others to see them, but do not allow to open or access the content.

• Write protection
You can protect your files from being altered by other people. No one can make changes to your documents without your knowledge. Protect a file or folder from the record, and they will remain intact.

• Protection of personal information
Place your private data, files, photos or videos in the Protected Folder, and access them will be only after entering the password.

• Forget the loss, theft or information leakage
Protect your files or folders from accidental deletion, overwriting or stolen by other users.

• Reliability and safety
Protected Folder is safe and secure, and does not contain viruses, built-in advertising or spyware.

Overall, the program IObit Protected Folder, like all the others, released by IObit quality, has many positive aspects and it is worthy of attention. The only drawback of the application only the shareware status. The trial version of IObit Protected Folder allows you to enter in the app is only 20 times.


Download IObit Protected Folder

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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