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Download ICE Book Reader Professional For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

ICE Book Reader Professional – a powerful, free software for reading texts (reader). Among the advantages of ICE Book Reader – many recognizable format text, advanced control system of collection of books, the ability to translate text into audio and video files.

ICE Book Reader Professional this is the first alternative to displaying LIT, CHM and ePub-files without using Microsoft Reader components and Microsoft HELP. In addition, you can use it to convert files HTML, DOC, PDB, LIT, FB2 in TXT and vice verse.

Optimized core of the application Ice Book Reader allows you to view text files with a size of 16-128 GB for no apparent delay. Download Ice Book Reader from this page you can free.

ICE Book Reader Professional is able to reproduce the text aloud for full compatibility with the vocal engines SAPI4 and SAPI5, and is able to create mp3, wav-files of books. Of the features worth noting the reading room Ice Bookvery smooth scrolling with two scroll mode (constant and variable bit rate); the possibility of painting the caps in each section and header, which helps to see the points of support in reading; full support for all known encodings and Unicode; FSAA different masks, makes reading as comfortable as possible and a built archives.

Main Features Of ICE Book Reader Professional:

  • Smoothing text.
  • Colouring first letter of each paragraph and headlines. This helps the eyes to see additional reference points during reading.
  • “Book” mode that allows you to display next 1, 2, 3 or more pages.
  • Reading books from a distance.
  • Supported formats text: txt, xml, html, pdb, TCR, lit, PRC, FB2, chm, XML, Doc …
  • Converting between file formats are: txt-html, txt-doc, html-txt, doc-txt, pdb-txt, fb2txt, lit-txt…
  • ICE Book Reader Professional can read files directly from ZIP archives, rar, lzh, ARJ ha.
  • Storage and library management to 250,000 books. Automatic sorting a collection of books.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to view text files of 16-128 gigabytes without apparent delay.
  • A special search mode provides extremely fast moving text, scrolling speed up to 30 pages per second.
  • Create audio books in mp3 format and wav.
  • Creating Videobook that can be read using any DVD player.


Download ICE Book Reader Professional

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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