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Download Hotspot Shield 2.69

Hotspot Shield 2.69

Hotspot Shield is a program that adds security to access the Internet through a WiFi connection, because it encrypts data input and output, prevents them to see by others. It creates a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between the device that connects to the Internet (laptop, iPhone or other) and the Gateway of Hotspot Shield. It also works on wired connections.

Download Hotspot Shield 2.69

It is common to access the Internet by connecting to WiFi in public places and in case of sending emails with important information or to shop online, Hotspot Shield ensures that information remains protected and inaccessible.

This application also allows navagar anonymously hiding the real IP, because it connects through a proxy. In case you want to change the IP (eg to download from sites that offer storage service, no waiting) enough to restart the application, without having to turn off and turn on the router. Also used to access services for visitors resting in certain countries, such as Spotify or Last.Fm, because it uses a U.S. proxy. It can also be useful when there are any restrictions on access to Facebook from the workplace.

Hotspot Shield 2.69 is the latest version, updated in September 2012, this security software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Android, including its later editions (Windows 8, Snow Leopard, Lion). This program is free, but displays advertisements while surfing, but you have the option of not daiquiri free version, ad-free, faster and antivirus protection.

Download Hotspot Shield 2.69

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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