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Download GIMP For Windows

GIMP is a free, multi-platform and popular raster graphics editor. The application is developed since 1995 and is gaining recognition among users all over the world. Although the program is free, it offers powerful capabilities and the many tools similar to those found in Adobe Photoshop paid. GIMP has a friendly and easy-to-use interface, so that even users without advanced skills in a convenient way to create your own image, and also submit photos of primary treatment.

GIMP allows you to work in layers – the user has a choice of options for their creation, editing, duplication, or configure various parameters. The program, your toolbox contains all the necessary tools . These include: pencil, brush, airbrush, a tool for lightening, darkening or lightening selected areas. In addition, GIMP allows any cropping, change of perspective and tilting of the image. The application offers a powerful selection tool. Wand allows you to select an area by color, and intelligent scissors indicate areas by matching the edges. The user can edit almost any color photographs. GIMP offers a tool to change the color, contrast, color saturation, etc. The program has many built-in filters allowing the use of very powerful effects. Especially note the artistic filters that allow you to apply to the selected image a painterly effect with oil paint or cartoon film. Interestingly, we can expand the capabilities via plug-ins available on the internet.

On our site you can always download the free GIMP the latest version.

With GIMP, you can create graphics and logos, to carry out scaling and cropping images, retouch and combine photos using layers, change the aspect ratio.

At the conference Libre Graphics Meeting in March 2006 was the default Main directions Software Development as well: some Basic Her dignity.

  •  GIMP – free software, which means you can download the free GIMP.
  •  GIMP – a high-quality web graphics editor.
  •  GIMP functions may be easilyexpanded by setting the dates of your add-on.
  •  With GIMP, you are able to automate repetitive tasks.
  •  GIMP – a platform through which scientists and designers can create powerful and modern graphics processing algorithms.
  •  This program consists of numerous tools for color correction, such as posterization, tone curves, saturation, etc.
  •  Thanks filters, masks, tools and layers with different types of overlay You can make framing photos, perspective correction, remove some image defects and much more.
  •  There is also a quantity of tools for drawing, brush with a free scaling, support for graphics tablets and carpal dynamics.
  •  Screen Filters are many opportunities for image editing – gamma correction, color management, etc.
  •  The ability to customize the interface – the grouping and regrouping of floating palettes, converting any menu in freely floating window, etc.

It must be noted that GIMP is not inferior to its analog Pay Photoshop functionality and a set of tools with it being free software.

Already wish to install this program on your pc? You’ll be able to download GIMP on the website at this time.

Download GIMP For Windows

Download GIMP For Windows

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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