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Download FreeOCR For Windows

Do you have an image file containing text and want to turn it into text that can be edited? What you need is an OCR tool, and FreeOCR is a free service that does this for you.

With it, besides converting documents to PDF, you can also turn PDF files into documents with DOC, TXT and RTF extension. The program is also able to scan a document, by connecting to the machine and performing the conversion time for an editable Texo.

The program identifies the characters, regardless of the font used in the actual document and then interpret the information and make it typed into a text box next to the screen. There are two options for converting the text, you can choose the full conversion of the document or use the mouse to select the area in which the OCR will apply.

Who has a scanner device knows that any content captured by them is saved in image format on the computer. To make everything more convenient, FreeOCR allows you to access and use the resources of the device directly into the program. That way you can use one application to send text to the computer and turn it into an editable document.

As the OCR functions

OCR is the acronym for Optical Character Recognition (Optical Character Recognition), which, as its name suggests, is a method applied in order to allow content written in a document in image format is recognized and transformed into a file editable text.

Imagine that you own a paper document, a magazine article for example. Obviously, the scanner is not sufficient to make that information available for editing. All that a scanner can do is create a file in JPG, which is nothing more than a collection of dots in black and white or color, known as image formed by lines. To remove and replace the data in scanned documents, camera images or PDFs, you need OCR software to separate the letters from the image, put them into words and then into sentences, allowing you to access and edit the contents of the document original.

Attention during installation

The program is completely free and does not have any restriction on its use as a page limit or just an hour of use. Nevertheless, you need to be smart to install it to acquire no undesirable feature during the process.

When installing FreeOCR, you need to be careful not to change your homepage, or install a toolbar in your browser. If you do not want to apply these changes, just uncheck the options shown in the image above.


FreeOCR is not the best converters with character recognition technology on the market, however, can be useful for those who need to convert a PDF file or will scan a paper with readable text and good quality.

The program offers support for multiple languages, but leaves out our Portuguese. However, the look is similar to Office 2010, making the user’s life time to get familiar with the program. All features of the program can be accessed from a toolbar at the top of the interface. So, you can load images and convert content to text with just a few clicks.

Probelama with texts with poor legibility
The software can be a real hand on the wheel to convert files to PDF or images with text, however, it should be remembered that the quality of the images used can influence decisively in his interpretations. During the tests, the program failed to identify words written in different fonts or handwritten.

If you would like a free tool that auxiliasse identify texts in images taken by the scanner or convert PDF files with considerable quality, FreeOCR software can be a good solution.

Download FreeOCR For Windows

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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