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Download Far Manager For Laptop, PC (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)

Far Manager , designed as a console designed for effective work in tandem with the OS family of Windows. Earlier dissemination of intellectual products was performed in accordance with the license fee, however, for the moment, the use of the application comes free of charge.

Able to work in both windowed and full-screen mode within. It supports long names of objects, attributes of different files, as well as various encodings. Allows the use of system functions for copying files.

Ease of use Far Manager is ensured by an intuitive interface. For tips provides detailed information. To navigate through the file system objects are the most efficient, there is an option of color coding and sorting for clarity. Software functional applications can be significantly expanded by the integration of external DLL-module, playing the role of plug-ins.

Main Features Of Far Manager

Far Manager provides excellent opportunities for viewing the directory, call the individual elements or entire sections, within which action can be used for renaming, copying and editing. Also, using an appropriate interface, the user can get detailed information about a particular system object.

Through connectivity add-ons can be expanded without an advanced functional processing modules provide text templates, data exchange on the FTP-protocols, network monitoring, and other important options. Also on the basis of the available tools in the Far Manager you can easily establish control printers, both connected directly to a PC and act as remote. There is the prospect of working with e-mail clients, and sending messages to a pager, and more.

Key Features of FAR Manager:

  • Manage printers, both connected to a PC or network.
  • Syntax highlighting in program source texts.
  • Work with FTP-servers.
  • Renaming groups of files with support for complex masks.
  • Customers NNTP / SMTP / POP3 / IMAP4 and dispatch communications to the pager.
  • text encoding in accordance with national coding tables.
  • Priority Management processes on a local or network PC.
  • Word completion in the editor and work with templates.
  • All sorts of manipulation with files and text, for comfortable work with FIDO.
  • Coding and decode files in UUE.
  • WinAmp control and modification of MP3-tags.
  • Processing Quake PAK files.
  • Work with various servers via ODBC, work with ORACLE Server through OCI.
  • Managing the RAS.
  • Launch external programs for editing text editor Far.
  • Displays the contents of Help files Windows (.hlp .chm i).
  • Calculators with different possibilities.
  • Spell checker functions while editing text in editor Far.Manage printers, both connected to a PC or network.


Simple and intuitive interface
Advanced functionality
Low system resource requirements


Some disadvantages of appearance
Encoding is not always defined precisely
While the instrument is longer in comparison with competitors

Download Far Manager

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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