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Download Cubase For PC (Windows 7, 8)

Cubase – editor of the sixth generation of media content, characterized by multi-threading features. Famous kind of approach in relation to the interaction with the operating system and the development of the format MIDI. The intuitive interface will make every effort to bring you a comfortable and quick access to all the available arsenal of features, completely immersed in the creative process of music tracks.

It includes a whole range of tools and options to ensure high quality results of your manipulations with the audio content. Opens unrivaled perspectives on issues of knowledge and mix tracks, editing different types of music. It uses the original algorithm. VST Expression2 – special technology, due to which there is the most profound study of the content.
All functions are implemented on the basis of a powerful keyboard editor. Are available options move the notes, chords, adjust some parameters of MIDI-files. Cubase supports 32 bit enabled strong resolution, creating all the conditions for the creation of high-quality sound. Due to the realized engine, perspectives mixing surround audio stream through 6 of separated channels.

Main Features Of Cubase

Cubase – an advanced level of professional editing tool, extending its influence on the world of audio content. Presented as part of the program capabilities are designed to arrange almost any category of users, from experienced musicians and composers, to ordinary “users”, only the first steps in her creative endeavors. For ease of use, meets the GUI, which is characterized by simplicity and clarity. Attractive visual shell to put together a huge number of editorial tools, including VSTi-means new standards support 5.1 implemented ASIO-drivers modulator vocals, drums, intonation, as well as the most advanced mixer, and it is only part of the prospects with which to face the owner of the intellectual product.

Cubase has integrated tools to work with scores, presented in the form of a musical interpretation of a musical interval. It includes advanced tools to adjust. Implemented interaction with text format, guitar tablature, standard musical notation. The results can be a score, ready for effective use.


Key Features Of Cubase:

  • Editing and creating compositions from scratch;
  • Record sound from a microphone;
  • The imposition of sound effects;
  • Has a blank chord;
  • Technology that supports a direct connection with the tools Yamaha;
  • It supports up to 64 audio tracks at once.

Advantages Of Cubase:

  • Excellent sound quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • A large number of options
  • Innovative technologies
  • High performance

Download Cubase For PC

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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