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Download Cool Reader For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP)

Cool Reader – a program designed to provide reading digital copies of books from the monitor of your PC maximum comfort. Due to its cross-platform and ease of use, the utility gained quite a lot of popularity in the user environment. Furthermore, the developers have provided the appropriate version is not only for PCs running different operating systems, but also for the effective application and on smart phones and other portable devices of the appropriate type.

Cool Reader supports the vast majority of running digital book formats. By supporting CSS-styles can change the appearance of the text presented in accordance with the prescribed parameters. Intelligent product excels at reading files directly from archives ZIP, without requiring it to conduct decompression.

Recognition of encoding allows you to always have an interest in the document in a readable form, and the ability to search for words greatly simplifies navigation through content. The interface is characterized by simplicity and the possibility of flexible settings allow you to make use of the most convenient.

Supports archives (view the contents and unpack files: rar, zip, ha, arj, lha). View the text as a continuous ‘scroll’ (with smooth scrolling) or regular ‘book’ (1 or 2 pages). Customize the background, fonts, text styles, and other ergonomic parameters. Reading books aloud using SpeechAPI 4.0 and 5.1. Recording audio books to MP3 to listen to on a regular MP3 player.
Plug pronunciation dictionaries with the settings for each voice engine. Built-in editor pronunciation dictionaries. Building a table of contents of the text (by title). Bookmarks. Full text search. Isolation of mouse and copy to the clipboard. Exports formatted text in HTML, RTF or TXT. Storing a list of recently opened files, file position and bookmarks. Smooth, customizable scrolling. Multilingual user interface.

Main Features Of Cool Reader:

Cool Reader-app, which is provided on the basis of the most convenient display of various text content of the most popular electronic formats. However, in addition to regular text output here shows the function of auditory playback of the loaded document.

If you take the standard output means such content, then by a prolonged read by just such utilities substantially tired eyes, and spoils the vision at the same time in Cool Reader provides all the conditions that the process did not affect the health of the eye and did not did not promote their fatigue. Functionality includes the ability to save bookmarks, there are ample opportunities to formatting.


Advantages Of Cool Reader:

  • Pleasant appearance
  • Text formatting options
  • The presence of fine-tuning instruments
  • Supports the most common extensions
  • Cross-platform

Cool Reader Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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