Download Bucharchiv 3.0


Control your guide assortment comfy on your laptop.Pick the wanted book from distinct Net databases – large resolution cover picture inclusive – simply by entering title, author and publisher or by scanning the barcode EAN/ISBN. EBooks in the formats ePub, iBook and PDF can also be managed and study.

The most important functions are: full text search, grouped list-see, and assignment of filters, categories, print, on-line-reviews and quotations, lend/borrow and designable display.

Take advantage of the architecture, protection, pace and dependability of Microsoft SQL Server inside Bucharchiv v3.Experience and get pleasure from the substantial availability of your data by synchronizing numerous PCs in your network.

Your data on your mobile Computer (laptop, netbook, Ultrabook or tablet) are offered even when you are traveling and there is no connection to your network.You have your data usually offered.Alterations you make are automatically synchronized later when these products are reconnected to your network.With only one click, you include books from new releases and popular books to your catalog.

With the views as a bookshelf, as Cover Flow, as a lot more fully comprehensive view or a classic checklist, you can customize in addition the colour design of the screen.

With E book Reader you can read your PDF-, ePub- and iBook-books simply on your Computer.The search finds on request text within the books.As of Expert edition you can allow guest access, and your pals can see your database with a study-only access and copy personal books in their very own database.

In addition, you can produce an exchange file and import it on one more Computer to substitute personal books with your close friends, for instance, by e-mail or a USB stick.

Download Bucharchiv 3.0

Download Bucharchiv 3.0

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