Download Braid 1.0

Braid is a video game created by Jonathan Blow of Amount None software program home, which mixes elements of platforming genre with puzzles to resolve typical of puzzlegame . To conquer the ranges proposed, the player has a particular power: can rewind time , even if touched by an enemy. The greatest aim is to recover the pieces of a mosaic from the six worlds exist, so you can recompose the mysterious figures. Into Very nicely done the graphics, with a certain fashion, colorful and lively.
Also excellent soundtrack , manufactured up of tracks recorded specially for the title by some musicians of the independent label Magnatune. The degree of challenge is quite higher, especially when you strategy the finish of the journey, so it is needed to place in motion his brain and reasoning to fix the puzzles. Into In the long run, Braid is a game that has earned all the accolades and awards. For the more curious the suggestions is only a single: download the demo and then move on without having hesitation to obtain the full model, obtainable on computer systems with Windows working program and Mac.
Download Braid 1.0

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