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Download Acer Remote Files For Windows 8, 8.1

Acer Remote Files is an application which allows you to synchronize and access documents from your computer anywhere you are.

This app for Windows 8 is just a nde customer support, and you must install the Acer Portal on a computer desktop so that it works correctly.

If you are using Acer Portal on any computer and want to connect and access documents anywhere else, just download the app for any device, incluinto Windows 8, and then enter your account acessoa to have all folders. It syncs everything, and you must have an internet connection connected in two places all the time.

That is, this app does not save your documents in the cloud, but it opens a connection between your computer and your mobile phone or tablet, enabling any document to open the machine even if you are away from your PC, just that it is on and connected to the internet.

You can not go the other way, accessing the phone via the computer, since only one device can be synchronized, being necessary to be a computer, not a mobile gadget. However, for remote access, up to 32 devices can be connected to access the folders on your PC.


Acer Remote Files is a client for the service in the cloud sync this computer brand, AcerCloud. Although his work properly and be a good way to access documents from a PC while away, the configuration of this service is complicated, since there are no explanations and website developer is messy.

That is, if you never heard the AcerCloud, you may have to spend several minutes installing apps and moving alone to understand what it is, since the information are well Acer’s own confused. One problem is that it is necessary to install several different apps on all your devices, not just one plant in each.

Despite these problems, however, everything else works fine. That is, the connection is established you can access the folders on the host computer in a few minutes, as if using the explorer on that same computer – the speed, of course, much depends on your internet connection.

It is important to set an extra password within the app (the password option it offers numerical), to enhance security. Remember that you are opening a path from your computer to access the network, so it’s good to use it wisely and only leave this service turned on when needed, to prevent unauthorized access.

Download Acer Remote Files For Windows 8, 8.1

Download Acer Remote Files For Windows 8, 8.1

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Sahil Shah
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