Best OCR Software Free Download – FreeOCR For Windows

Did you want to use a software which is used to interpret and convert scanned documents into editable text from your PC. FreeOCR is a one of such software and is also one of the best OCR Software which allows you to scan any image documents and transform into a word text file so you can extend or modify this doc as you like. It uses Tesseract OCR engine, which is one of the best open source OCR engines available on net.

FreeOCR Download

This Free OCR software can save you ample of time because it is equipped with high accuracy recognition of text in multiple languages ??(from English, Spanish, Italian, French) and saves you from retyping an entire document. It is very useful if you have many documents written on paper and you have to save them on your PC in file format. Just to scan documents and use this application will save you hours and hours of hard work.

It has good and easy user interface and can scan PDF files too. It recognize most of the image files including multi-page TIFF files. It can read your fax documents too.

It requires Microsoft Net 2.0 framework which can be installed with software and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista.

Download Best OCR Software FreeOCR For Windows

Best OCR Software Free Download – FreeOCR For Windows

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