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Best Free File Hosting Services in 2020 (Free Trial No Credit Card Required For Signup)

Hosting a file on the Internet is something that can be very necessary on several occasions. Whether it is available anywhere or to transfer it to someone else who is far from us, free file hosting is always a good option. In addition, we must consider that today there are many free sites that allow us to store information and files on the Internet quickly, comfortably, and easily. A few days ago we talked about the best cloud storage for uploading photos or mobile files, so now it is the turn of this 8 good and recommended sites where you can host files for free.

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Best & Free File Hosting Services List

1 – MediaFire

MediaFire is without a doubt one of the most popular data storage services on the Internet today. It is a very easy to use web tool that offers many advantages for both registered users and people who do not have an account yet. For those who are already part of the community, the service offers endless options to upload and manage files, while users who come looking for files will not impose download limits or speed problems. in case, if the files go a while without an activity they are deleted and must be re-uploaded.

2 – SugarSync

This is another free service that surely you have already been having heard from a friend or you could have read on the Internet. The web service is mainly characterized by requiring the user to register to upload their files to the cloud. In fact, just by going to the website, we will see that we can upload and store files of up to 5 GB. It is simply a matter of selecting the file that we want to upload, waiting for the procedure to be completed and ready, the system throws a link through which other people can download our file at any time. As in the rest of the sites, Sugarsync offers advantages and comforts for those who choose to try it for 90 days (no credit card required).

3 – 4Shared

Although it has the great disadvantage of requiring registration to be able to access downloads, 4Shared is a site that has earned a great reputation on the net. Just by creating the user account, it is already possible to have up to 100 GB of space to upload information of all kinds, while you can also download all kinds without limitations. To all this, we must add the presence of a highly worked control panel designed so that the user has everything they need to carry out a good management of the data they have hosted on the web.

4 – ElephantDrive

ElephantDrive became known on the web for good offers. It offer free 30 days trial for all their subscriptions. It is good for those who are dedicated to uploading files to the Internet, distributing them, and generating money with it. You will get 2 GB free storage with free trial by this service. It offers backs up and syncs for Windows (including servers), Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. You can also access, save & upload your uploaded files from your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

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5 – ADrive

Far from being a secondary option, ADrive is one of the most recommended free files hosting services. It has a very good offer of plans that adapt to the measure of any user. With the free trial registration & no credit card required for the same, they offer is a maximum capacity of 100 GB, but through payment plans that capacity and the benefits in general can be expanded. It has not only offers for individuals, but it is also designed for companies that need to keep their data backed up on the Internet. To give us an idea of ​​what the service is, in the most expensive plans it is possible to offer a maximum capacity of 10 TB , something that few services in the field can provide.

6 – WeTransfer

My Favorite. I use it most of the time. Although this service is not specifically designed for data hosting itself, it is worth mentioning as it will be very helpful in those cases in which we must transfer a file to a friend and we do not want to waste time. From its graphical interface, which is clear and easy to use, WeTransfer offers the user the possibility of uploading a file of up to 2 GB and sending it by email to up to 20 different recipients. In reality, what they will receive in their mailbox will not be the file itself, but a link that will allow them to download the file. The service is free for both the sender and the receiver.

7 – FileHosting

If you have already read about the previous 6 applications and none convinced you, then perhaps FileHosting will succeed. It is not that this application offers too many functions or options more than the others, but the truth is that it has a great advantage: it is easy to use. When we enter the main page of this tool, we will immediately see that in just 4 steps we can leave a file stored on the Internet.

These 4 steps consist of:

  • selecting the file,
  • indicating our email box,
  • accepting the terms and conditions of the service and, finally,
  • giving the order to upload the file.

The mailbox is requested since once the information has been uploaded, the system will send an email with the link to complete the download when desired.


The signup is free with this service. Upload up to 5GB of your file for free and share the link to the other party to download the files. It is been said as the fastest as well.


As you probably already know, in addition to these 8 good places to free file hosting , many more can be found on the net. However, today we simply wanted to create a small list where you can find good applications that are worthy of being on our favorites list since we never know when we are going to need to upload files to the Internet. Either to perform a data backup or to send them to a friend who needs them and is not near your location. We hope the list is useful to you.

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah is B.E passed out. He loves to write and do experiments with online tools, software, and games. He is an expert tech writer for 10+ years. He is a part-time scientist as well. Eating, and being online at night is what he usually does.


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