Battlefield Heroes Free Download

Battlefield Heroes is an action game that you can play onlinemulti-player.

There are three types of characters: The soldier, gunner and sniper, among which one must choose.

They must choose sides between: Navy and Royal Navy.

It has weapons (rifles, pistols, knives, grenades, etc.), vehicles (jeeps, tanks and planes) and more.

Once you have the character, weapons, and we know which side it is, the battle begins, you will be plagued by bombings and armed struggle against the rival group.

The game has several levels that can be overcome as experience grows and playtime. The move to higher levels means acquiring more powers, better ammunition, vehicles, and other items.

Battlefield Heroes is a design and aesthetics of cartoons, and also try to be accessible and easy for players who are not experts in this type of role play. The perspective of the game is in third person, but it is possible that future versions will go to a first-person perspective.

Battlefield Heroes Free Download

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