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AVZ Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)

AVZ – free anti-virus utilities package that includes himself AVZ and additional tools AVZGuard, AVZPM and BootCleaner. Appointment AVZ – Detect and remove spyware and adware, and trojans, network and email worms, downloader, droperov and other malicious software. The program also restores system settings damaged programs and malware.

AVZGuard utility is used to combat trudnoudalimymi malware, as well as to protect the user-specified applications (eg other programs to protect your computer). AVZPM utility is used to monitor processes and drivers. Boot Cleaner – cleaning system for execution.

Additional features can be identified heuristic verification system; rootkit detection system; analyzer settings Winsock SPI / LSP; Built-in manager system processes, services and drivers; analyzer ports TCP / UDP; detector keyloggers and Trojan DLL, working without the use of signatures.

Anti-virus utility AVZ designed to clean your computer from SpyWare and AdWare programs and various Backdoor Trojan horses and other malicious code (Trojan downloaders, Dialer, etc.). AVZ antivirus utility designed to detect and remove:

  • SpyWare and AdWare modules – this is the main purpose utility
  • Dialer (Trojan.Dialer)
  • Trojans
  • BackDoor modules
  • Network and email worms
  • TrojanSpy, TrojanDownloader, TrojanDropper

Utility is a direct analog programs TrojanHunter and LavaSoft Ad-aware 6. The primary objective of the program is to remove SpyWare and Trojans. The features of the utility AVZ (in addition to a standard signature scanner) is:

  • Firmware heuristic scan system. Firmware conduct search known SpyWare and viruses on circumstantial evidence – based on analysis of the registry files on disk and in memory.
  • Updated database of safe files. It includes digital signatures of tens of thousands of system files and files of known safe processes.
  • Built-Rootkit Detection
  • Detector keylogger (Keylogger) and Trojan DLL
  • Internalization. Mention signature analyzer provides AVZ neyroemulyator, which enables the investigation of suspicious files using neural network.
  • Built-in analyzer Winsock SPI / LSP settings.
  • Built-in controller processes, services and drivers
  • Built-in utility for searching files on the disk. Lets you search for files with different criteria, search engine capabilities beyond the capacity of the system search.
  • Built-in utility to search for data in the registry. Allows you to search for keys and parameters for a given sample, the search results are available in a text protocol and a table where you can point out a few key for export or deletion.
  • Built-in analyzer open ports TCP / UDP
  • Built-in analyzer shared resources, networking sessions and open files on the network. Working in Win9X and Nt / W2K / XP
  • Firmware recovery system. Firmware spend restore settings Internet Explorer, startup parameters, programs and other system parameters damaging malware
  • Heuristic deleting files
  • Checking the archives
  • Testing and Treatment of NTFS streams
  • System AVZGuard
  • Driver Boot Cleaner
  • Driver monitoring processes and drivers AVZPM
  • Analyzer processes



AVZ Download For PC

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