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Avidemux Download For Windows XP, 7, 8

Avidemux – a fairly high quality video editor, which is characterized by free distribution. Thanks to the intuitive controls even a novice user can easily generate deep editing media content, using it all the available arsenal of functions included in the program.

To carry out the conversion and video processing facilities do not need to perform the installation of third-party modules and components, as the most common and important is already integrated. Avidemux option is effective tools to cut, delete, copy, paste, split and glued file into several parts, and perform many other useful procedures. Using the same tools users have a great opportunity to convert content in the framework of future use by one of the most popular devices: PSP, iPhone, iPod.

Avidemux has a number of useful tools and filters (both audio and video) to help achieve the highest quality of results in their work. Processes video processing can be automated with tools to organize projects, queues, and scripting capabilities.

Main Features Of Avidemux

Due to the option presented in Avidemux any user can quickly and efficiently carry out the manipulation of any video editing facility with its subsequent conversion into one of the important formats. The undoubted advantage of the use of the intellectual product is the availability of a sufficient number of ready-to-use filters.

Using them is quite easy to change the sharpness, scaling, or spend remove noise. To calculate the optimal settings encoding to the aid will come integrated calculator. This is extremely useful when it is necessary to know the volume that will be the final result of the treatment. To convert media content you will not need to involve the appropriate tools from the outside, because this issue can easily handle basic option Avidemux.


Key Features Of Avidemux

  • Support for many file types, including AVI;
  • DVD compatible with the file format MPEG, MP4 and ASF;
  • Application works with a variety of popular codecs;
  • The possibility of non-linear video processing;
  • Support for visual effects (filters);
  • Many useful tools, audio and video filters (clipping, cropping, etc.);
  • The ability to convert video to different formats;
  • Import / export audio streams in the video;
  • Availability of tools to work with subtitles;
  • The presence of the command line.

Advantages Of Avidemux

Support all popular video formats today
Ability to handle large-scale file
The high degree of functionality
Wide range of codecs
Easy Interface

Avidemux Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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