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AntiViral AVZ Toolkit Antivirus Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8)

AntiViral AVZ Toolkit Antivirus is a powerful application for monitoring, spyware, adware, worms, Trojans, dialers, rootkits and other malicious software. The program is easy to use and moreover does not take too many system resources. AntiViral AVZ Toolkit uses special algorithms to detect and block malicious files such as keyloggers, for example.

AntiViral AVZ Toolkit – utility that Kaspersky Lab invested. The main aim of her work is the ability to detect hidden malware and remove it. Update utility AVZ also uses advanced techniques to check suspicious services and records in the stack TCP. Surprisingly, this little app even includes protection in real time.

Key Features AntiViral AVZ Toolkit Antivirus:

In the menu there are various options for scanning and removing serious and not-so viruses and other pests, as well as tools to check open ports (including IDS), active processes, and other applications running at startup. Built AVZGuard, blocks the formation of different types of files, including autostart (with frequent use of USB devices). In addition there are many AVZ scanning modules, testing the system in a special mode, made a thorough study and analysis of all active operations in Windows.

The scanner looks for suspicious activity documents, checks to see if the disc is automatically activated, examines administrative resources, including whether anonymous access and much more. Heuristic sensitivity can be changed using the convenient slider. If suddenly manifest threat, an appropriate entry in the registry. There is also the ability to run standard or user-created scripts to automate scanning.


Main Features Of AntiViral AVZ Toolkit Antivirus:

  • Heuristic scanning and removing malicious files and viruses;
  • Constantly updated list of safe files, eliminating the possibility of removing or blocking infected objects;
  • Effective system for determining rootkits, which allows to detect even a “disguised” processes;
  • Line Identification keyloggers (keyloggers) and Trojan DLL-file;
  • Neyroemulyator that allows for the monitoring and investigation of suspicious files using neural network;
  • Built-in Task Manager: helps to track the processes running on your system;
  • Built-in file search, many superior system search function;
  • Search the registry;
  • Analysis of open TCP / UDP ports for unauthorized access or other dangers;
  • Restoration of damaged programs and system components;
  • Detailed analysis of archived files of any known format;
  • Support for custom scripts that help you automate the process of the program;
  • Direct access to the disk, so that can work with files that have been blocked.

Advantages Of AntiViral AVZ Toolkit Antivirus

  • Checking system heuristically
  • The default implementation of a module for the detection of rootkits
  • Winsock SPI / LSP which analyzes your settings
  • Manager of current processes, drivers and services. Testing for open ports (TCP / UDP)
  • Detector DLL Trojans and keyboard thieves who works without the intervention of signatures
  • Recovery of almost all the settings in the event of failure under the influence of virus attacks
  • You can always use the control through external scripts

AntiViral AVZ Toolkit Antivirus Download

Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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