Anti-update patch Messenger 8.5 Free Download

This is a patch that is applied to Windows Live Messenger 8.5 to avoid having to upgrade to the latest version ( Windows Live Messenger 9 ). Messenger users have found that if you do not upgrade can not continue running it. The new version has some changes, primarily in its interface, and it is possible that many users prefer to keep version 8.5, in addition to many errorshave been reported in version 9.

Anti-update patch Messenger 8.5 Download

This patch is executed only once. You must click on the “Suivant” (Next) on each screen and so be enabled to use.

The application allows you to restore the files patched and leave everything as it was. For that you must select “restaurer originaux fichiers them.”

Anti-update patch Messenger 8.5 Free Download

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