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Android 5.0 Lollipop Review

The start of Android Kitkat is not even one year old and now Google had now located the successor of Android Kitkat which is Google Android Lollipop 5.0. Bunch of adjustments were made to this newer version of Android OS like notification technique was renovated, multi tasking alternatives had got some boost, and you may even see key progress in its battery life. Google named it is “Lollipop” quickly Android L. exactly where L stands for “Lollipop”.Before the name was indicated by Google there have been many other names came into image such as Lemon Drop, Lady Finger, Lava Cake and moreover Lemon Meringue . Ultimately they named as Lollipop. And it Released by Android Chief Sundar Pichai .

Nexus 6 will initial see the face of Android Lollipop 5.. We are all awaiting launch in our nations of Nexus 6 furthermore for Google and eagerly to make Android L accessible for a lot of the wise phones. Let look at this brief review of Android L.

Lollipop gives you good performance towards programs, battery existence and response by utilizing Runtime on android shortly known as as ART by Based on  64-Bit nick. It made better by four occasions in comparison to old android products. It provides much importance to services that are running on front-end to do more tasks and compacts the backdrop programs.Lollipop pops up with higher battery feature of Batter saving idea wich stretches battery existence atleast for 90mins. Handles the energy usage with warning messages, to prevent Turn off. And it  intimates you the way lengthy you’ve charge before it’s all set to go.

google L review

Lollipop secure your phone using their company unknown customers or being able to access private file , by creating multiple accounts as well as  includes Guest Mode  to prevent unauthorized access. Featured with Wise lock provide to safeguard your phone by pairing it together with your reliable products like wearable (wise watch) or perhaps your Private Vehicle. Give secure from Weaknesses and for adware and spyware by enforcing Security enhanced Linux.Because This version includes File encryption switched on automatically , it will likely be safeguarding the customers  to gain access to the information from from  stolen or lost products.


Amongst the largest back finish modifications in going from Dalvik runtime to ART. ART runtime supports ARM, MiPS instructions, x86, as nicely mixes up JIT, AOT, and the interpreted code. IT can effectively operate on far more CPUs as ART technology is been employed as properly as the operation will be produced greater. The DirectX 11 photos had made their strategy by start off of Android Lollipop to Android. You are going to now locate some improvement effects geometry shaders, like feel compression, and compute shaders to give fantastic gaming experience in your Android apparatus to you.

Material Design and Style

Android L style language is comparatively new and it really is termed as Material Layout. Layout and the general interface of the new OS is cleaner than older versions. Roboto font in the layout may be utilized everywhere. The elements on screen was offered great depth. The system interface of smart phone will feature mechanically produced colour touches in true time. There are a new touch feedback as effectively as couple of new cartoons.

Battery Life

Your smart phone’s battery life will almost certainly be made far better with Android Lollipop 5. OS stunningly. It really is going to get the animated cartoons to run very easily with out utilizing up also a lot of the GPU of your mobile. This can automatically enhance the battery life of your cellphone. It really is got a battery discharge that was greater to take your battery to new degree. The OS will uncover out that which the applications are operating in your intelligent phones that are radically destroying the battery life. It is going to ensure that the OS quits system as soon as you leave. Based on Google, if Nexus five is going to be upgraded with Android Lollipop 5. afterward it’ll find progress with 90 minutes in its battery life.

Useful Notifications

You can notice a nice notification in Android L, as it had been produced a lot more crucial and are been passed by Google. The notification panel looks good with lock show which was mixed upwards, in order that user can have a look at the newest telling on screen. Only a swipe will take you to the tellings and from that point it is feasible to get the system revealing notifications. Google Android L 5.0 OS has revealed main progress when it comes to notifications. We are all seeking forward to our intelligent phones to get upgraded with Google Android Lollipop shortly. The upgrade may arrive in the earlier months of January.
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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