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The website 1001Fonts helps us in making lots of free fonts. The web app provides tens of thousands of fonts which are almost endless source of free fonts.

We can find a certain type of fonts here with the help of search function on this site. You just have to browse only in the stocks of 1001Fonts, which provide a preview of the fonts in a freely selectable text and a number of categories for visitors. Thus, bordered by clicking its selection to manuscripts, and decorative sans serif font, or even three-dimensional-looking fonts.

1001fonts download

Upon request, the freeware sorted the display of the fonts upon the popularity. As virtually proves the ability to specify the license in 1001Fonts. Based on a small icon find out whether the selected font, for example, solely for your personal, non-commercial use.
+ Pro

Search & several categories
Sort by popularity
Text selectable

– Cons

Available in English only

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1001Fonts Free Download

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