1.0 Metadata File

Windows Explorer shows the file metadata revealing considerably info.By clicking on an image, for illustration, you will see different information such as the picture title, writer, feedback, the camera manufacturer, model, and much more.

Windows Vista, even so, the metadata has been restricted to a couple of sorts of files: images, mp3, Workplace documents, and so on.Putting in File Metadata, you will be capable to create, see and edit the metadata for any file type.

As soon as set up, you must allow the metadata for the new kinds of files employing the File Association Manager program, this can be a tedious process and may possibly deter some consumers.

If you want to add metadata assistance for text files, for illustration, then all you have to do is scroll the list of “file extensions”, decide on the file kind TXT, and click “Add Meta File Handler “.Clicking on a TXT file in Windows Explorer you an instant metadata.

But be careful, one cause why metadata has been removed and because these are only stored in the file technique Excess fat.


Download Metadata File 1.0

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