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Sharekhan Mini – App Login For Mobile & Desktop (updated August 2023)

What is Sharekhan Mini?

Sharekhan Mini is a mobile trading platform that is provided by Sharekhan. Sharekhan Mini is a mobile trading platform provided by Sharekhan. Sharekhan Mini Application is a lighter version of the Sharekhan Mobile Trading App.

Sharekhan Mini is a browser-based trading application that is designed with low-speed 2G internet connections in mind. It is in order to make the experience for users who hail from towns and villages. It makes it fast, convenient, and streamlined. Do you have a sharekhan trading account and want to download Sharekhan mini on your phone?

Sharekhan has been around for more than 3 decades offering clients investment solutions. Its impressive TradeTiger platform works on any computer as well as smartphone.

In this thorough review, we’ll look at the many options Sharekhan Mini has to offer before examining the advantages and disadvantages it has in its. And how to login in its app, be it online or offline.

sharekhan mini trading account login

Sharekhan Mini Review

Sharekhan is a full-service stockbroker which has been in operation for more than three decades in the space of trading in India. Through the years it has gained a reputation to offer solutions on a variety of levels for its customers.

In terms of trading platforms, Sharekhan TradeTiger’s terminal-based option can be described as Sharekhan TradeTiger is among the top trading apps.

Of all the characteristics that make this broker unique, there are also solutions like Sharekhan Mini.

As we mentioned earlier, Sharekhan Mini is a lightweight application that was designed and created specifically for the population who are from smaller cities and small villages.

For those who aren’t trading with mobile trading apps or desktop software can result in a slow experience as all of this software require consistent and high-quality internet connectivity at 3G as well as the latest 4G speeds.

There are a few brokers that offer such services and it’s a win-win.

Because this is how brokers like Sharekhan are able to expand their client base while traders who live in cities that are smaller have access to reliable trading services, even with poor internet connections.

If we talk about Sharekhan Mini specifically, let’s look a little into the details and discuss the various features available to you when trading.

Also, are you interested in trading? Check out Sharekhan and look up the Sharekhan trading account online charges as well as Sharekhan DPI.

Sharekhan Mini Mobile App

Here are the various options offered through the Sharekhan Mini mobile application across its use.

The below-displayed screen can be used to sign in to the application. Check that your browser is the most recent version to ensure you get the best view of this application. As a customer of Sharekhan, you will receive the username, password, and trading passwords. After logging in, select ‘Login’ and sign in to the application.

* This mobile app that is based on a browser allows you to access a few of the most popular features like MarketWatch and Order Page Charts, futures & Options trading, etc. with a single touch application.

* As with every other trading software provided by this broker, Sharekhan Mini also provides clients with regular research as well as tips for various scrips. These guidelines help you make informed decisions prior to when you make your trade.

It is also the main screen for Sharekhan Mini. Sharekhan Mini application that includes the availability of options like News and Market details, quotes of the latest as well as company information for fundamental analysis, and more.

* Sharekhan Mini lets you make investments and trade across various segments like Commodity, Equity, and Derivatives in addition to mutual funds too.

* You can keep up to date with various indices, both at the global and domestic levels.

*The Span calculator will help in determining the span margin you’re qualified to receive.

The app permits users to trade within the currency segment and over NSE & MCX indexes.

* You can view the most recent news on stocks of the day which can directly or indirectly affect the stocks you plan to place your order on. The UI will not be as neat but as a browser-based app it’s not bad at all. Beyond being able to access the latest news stories, you have access to the Sharekhan research reports, etc.

* To be able to use Sharekhan Mini, you need to be able to login with a valid Id as well as a Membership password, as well as a password for trading be able to.

If you’re at ease using either a desktop or laptop this application will provide users access to a login for desktop option as well.

How To Do Sharekhan Mini Login

  1. First, go to the sharekhan mini login page.
  2. Enter your login or email id
  3. Then enter your password
  4. Offline users can use these links.

Sharekhan Mini Desktop

The application is also accessible in a desktop version, too. The features you are able to access with this application include:

  • Access portfolios over Equity and Mutual funds.
  • Purchase and trade in mutual funds products
  • Transfer funds from Sharekhan Demat Account to Sharekhan Demat Account
  • Market news and live updates, as well as research and information, are available

All you have to do is supply the login ID of your account, your membership password as well as your trading password to gain access to the system. This application is beneficial for traders living in a city that is smaller or has access to slow internet connectivity.

The biggest issue is that in the same way, there is the fact that you won’t have access to many features and will be restricted to certain features.

Sharekhan Mini Download

As stated above the web-based version of the application doesn’t require installations or downloads. All you need to do is access this link and enter your valid log in ID and password for membership along with the password for trading.

If the credentials are authentic and you have the correct credentials, you’ll be logged in to the system and are able to continue trading.

Access this system by using an internet browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or even Internet Explorer. You can also access the application on your desktop computer, laptop mobile, or even a tab.

One of the great features of this application is its speed or performance which is pretty quick!

Sharekhan Mini Offline

If you’re an offline user and you have no internet connection, you still can use this app.

You will need to enter your user ID (which is the client ID that you use offline) as well as your password in order to login to this application.

If you don’t have your own credentials, it is suggested to contact your local Sharekhan or sub-broker Customer Care for any additional help regarding this.

There is no difference in the features and features that offline clients have access to when compared to the online client.

Sharekhan Mini Transfer

The program lets you transfer funds from your account at the bank onto your trade account, and reverse. Transferring funds is pretty simple too.

All you have to do is select the ‘Transfer Funds option. Choose the account of your choice, then enter the amount you want to transfer and click the button to proceed.

Once the transfer is confirmed, it will take between 1 and 2 business days to transfer the funds.

If you want to transfer money to the Sharekhan Demat accounts, again, you have to select the bank you would like to transfer the account from, along with the amount you wish to transfer.

The control will then be transferred to your bank’s electronic banking platform. You will need to verify your login details and the funds will be transferred into the account for trading.

Sharekhan Mini Password Change

There are two situations in which clients generally seek this option:

* The user wants to change the password due to security reasons.

* The user has lost the password

Sharekhan mini comes with provisions for all scenarios.

If you want to change your password, proceed to the change membership password screen, where you must enter the following information:

  1. * Login ID
  2. * Current login password
  3. * New login password
  4. * Confirm login password

The password you have entered is changed immediately in the system. You are able to log into the application with the new password.

If you’ve lost your password, it is necessary to click the Forgot Password button, then type into your log-in ID, and click on the captcha that appears at the top of the page. After validation, you’ll be sent a change password link to the email address you have registered ID from the broker.

From here, you can change your Sharekhan mini password.

Sharekhan Mini Concerns

If you decide to utilize this app for trading needs, we’d like to point out certain issues that you should know about:

* As this is a fundamental trading program the amount of features available is limited.

The guest login offers the bare minimum of functions, thus providing a fundamental understanding of the way the application functions. It might or may not be enough to give a clear comprehension of the various possible clients.

* The design of the application is quite simple.

Sharekhan Mini Benefits

However there are a few quick advantages this software can give to the customers of this full-service stockbroker

The option chain feature lets users to look at the entire call and put option contracts for a particular scrip. This is undoubtedly a benefit for any derivative trader.

* The application permits you to transfer money from your bank account to a trade account.

* Sharekhan Mini can be used even if your phone has an internet connection of 2G.

The application is used through Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry platforms.

* It’s an application that is free to use and only brokerage charges are charged for your trades. The Sharekhan Brokerage calculator can be used for more information.

* You don’t have to purchase a phone with a heavy-duty configuration to be able to use this app. So, even if reside in a larger city and are looking for a lighter trading app, Sharekhan Mini may work well for you.

* The application will display the various transactions that took place through your trading account, so you don’t require any assistance to keep track of your portfolio or get any kind of statement.


In conclusion, we’d be happy to remind you of the fact that Sharekhan Mini is aptly suitable for investors and traders hailing from towns, cities, and villages. It is evident that internet speeds have been an issue but it is getting better as we gain access to the speed of 3G/4G even in the most remote regions of the nation.

If you have issues with slow internet speeds, Sharekhan Mini comes as an alternative to other trading tools this broker provides.

This should also be aware that there are very few stockbrokers in India and in the market. Think about the need to fill that gap by coming up with an extremely specific trading product to serve its customer base.

In this article, we provide an overview of Sharekhan Mini as a trading application. Tell us about your experience of using it, if you’ve ever used this application.

One can download this software and do online trading on the go from his/her mobile.

The software enables you to definitely be attached to the stock marketplaces through India’s leading broking house Sharekhan.


Some features:

Multiexchange Streaming Market Watch

– Trade facility in NSE, BSE, NSEFO, MCX & NCDEX

  1. – Live Reviews
  2. – Transfer Funds out of your Bank for your Sharekhan Buying and selling A/C
  3. – Track your Demat Holdings
  4. – Crisp Intraday Charts
  5. – Latest Market News & Updates
  •     NSE and BSE Charts
  •     Equity and MF Portfolio
  •     Research and Live News
  •     Options Chain and Greeks
  •     NSE and MCX Currency
  •     Mutual Fund Buy & sell
  •     Global Indices
  •     Cash Transfer
  •     Advanced Watchlist

This software can be best seen in Opera mobile internet browser,  Android, iPhone IOS, Blackberry

You are able to see the link that follows inside your cell phone browser:

Sharekhan Mini Online Link

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