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ZDuplex is a communication framework for .Net. This answer is for the developers who are possibly familiar with C# socket programming but find it also complex. ZChannel hides all the subtleties of the network communication programming from the developer.
ZDuplex is an option to WCF and Remoting. ZDuplex allows the software program applications to communicate using bidirectional channel. Only one socket on a single port is open for the communication and it permits to talk behind the firewall. The system can send any serializable object across the network. The serialization is completed by the internal quick serializer or the external serializer can be connected. The objects can be sent synchronously or asynchronously, which means that the object that is sent synchronously requires the response from the other side (consumer of server) or asynchronously (with no waiting for the response). The communication can be established with or with no consumer title and the password. In addition, the program has the Autoreconnection and Hold alive characteristics. If autoreconnection is set and the connection is misplaced for any purpose, ZDuplex will attempt to reconnect. Apart from that, safe connection (SSL) can be activated. In this situation the method utilizes the SSL certificate file (self-signed or one more) .
ZDuplex also has Files Send performance. If the consumer would like to execute approaches remotely as an alternative of sending the objects, ZDuplex instantly generates the proxy for this type of action. An additional essential variation from the WCF is that ZDuplex requires no configuration at all. It runs straight out of the box. The set of samples comes with the framework.


Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah
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