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X-lite 3.0 Download 100% Free Windows 10, 7, 8 (64 bit / 32 bit)

X-lite 3.0 Download – Best Softphone Software To Make VoIP Calls

Are you searching for an X-lite 3.0 Sip phone download?

Don’t worry we have mentioned methods and processes to download this softphone for you.

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About Counterpath’s x-lite 3.0

Counterpath’s x-lite 3.0 is a free SIP-based softphone. It is an excellent software to have in your list of free software to make VoIP calls from your computer to all other sip-based softphone users worldwide. Here we have mentioned how you can obtain X-lite 3.0 Download.

Apart from making VoIP calls with X-Lite, one can also send messages, multimedia, music, videos, and a personal diary. You can also record all your contact data. With this softphone, one can get clear audio and video quality, zero-touch configuration, IM & Presence.

xlite 3.0 (old)

Why Do You Need x-lite free download?

If you want to be an X-Lite user, you just need to register yourself with them. You will be assigned an IP (VoIP) number, and then you can call any number in this softphone network.

Subscribers to a VoIP/Broadband service will be able to experience the power and flexibility of XLite as CounterPath. This allows them to communicate anywhere, anytime. Users can easily transition from traditional hard phones to Voice over IP with its familiar interface. X-Lite makes it easy to access video and address book management. Whether users use X-Lite to have a simple conversation with a friend or host a conference call using multiple applications, X-Lite allows them to take the personalized communication route.

Features on Counterpath’s x-lite 3.0

  • Next-generation telephony clients based on Open Standards
  • All interactive media sessions use the Session Initiated Protocol, (SIP)-based signaling
  • QoS (Enhanced Quality of Service) for voice and video calls
  • Comprehensive Personal Address Book with detailed calls lists, history, and a comprehensive personal address book
  • Zero-Touch configuration of your audio and video devices
  • Microsoft Outlook(r), integration that allows users to import their address books into their eyeBeam contacts list
  • IM & Presence Management
  • Multi-party and ad-hoc Voice and Video Conferencing (IP & PSTN)
  • Voice and Video Call Recording
  • Sliders and Detachable Drawers allow for quick video and contact information.
  • Toast pop-ups allow you to manage incoming calls

Hence, X Lite is one of the best softphone software to make Voice over internet protocol calls. This version works with Windows 10, 7, 8 (64 bit / 32 bit) &

  1. Windows 95
  2. Windows 98
  3. Windows 2000
  4. Windows XP
  5. Windows Vista /
  6. Windows Vista x64
  7. Windows XP x64
  8. Windows ME
  9. Windows NT 4.0
  10. Windows 7
  11. Windows 7 x64
  12. Windows 8
  13. Windows Server 2003 x64
  14. Windows Server 2003
  15. Windows Server 2008
  16. Windows 8 x64
  17. Windows NT
  18. Windows

How To download x-lite 3.0

Just click on the download button below. It will take it to the download page. Wait for a few seconds and your download link is ready.

Download X-lite 3.0 free SIP-based softphone

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