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How to Watch YouTube Kids on Roku: A Complete Guide

Do you want to use YouTube Kids on Roku? Look nowhere else! In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use YouTube Kids on Roku and all the information you need to know to get the most out of your viewing.

What Is YouTube Kids?

For children ages 12 and below, there is a second, kid-friendly version of the well-known video-sharing website called YouTube Kids. The app offers a carefully chosen collection of age-appropriate videos that have been screened to remove any information that would not be appropriate for young users. Videos with violence, explicit sexual material, or poor language fall under this category.

How to Install YouTube Kids on a Roku Device?

The Roku Channel Store offers a free version of the YouTube Kids app. Simply follow these steps to add the app to your Roku device:

  1. Visit the Roku Channel Store
  2. Do a “YouTube Kids” search.
  3. Click “Add Channel” after choosing the application.
  4. Launch the app from your Roku home screen after it has finished installing.

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How to Use YouTube Kids on a Roku Device?

The Roku app for YouTube Kids was made with simplicity in mind. Popular videos and playlists are shown on the home screen, and you can access different content categories like “Shows,” “Music,” and “Learning” through the navigation menu. Simply type your search term into the on-screen keyboard to find a specific video or channel.

Roku features for YouTube Kids

For young users, the YouTube Kids app for Roku offers a variety of fun features, such as:

  • a home screen that is customized and shows content according to your child’s watching habits and preferences.
  • time limitations, restricted search results, and the ability to block particular films and channels are all examples of parental controls.
  • a sizable collection of suitable materials for kids, including music videos, educational films, and well-known children’s programs.
  • a protected watching environment that doesn’t include any material that could not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Faqs about YouTube Kids on Roku

The following are some of the most typical queries concerning YouTube Kids on Roku:

On Roku, is YouTube Kids free?
Yes, the Roku Channel Store offers a free version of the YouTube Kids app.

How do I configure parental controls on Roku for YouTube Kids?
You can utilize the built-in parental control options to configure parental controls for YouTube Kids on Roku. Launch the program, pick “Parental Controls” from the settings menu, and then click “Open.” From this point, you can filter search results, set time limits, and block particular channels and movies.

Are my kids safe using Roku and YouTube Kids?
Yes, children 12 and younger can watch YouTube Kids on Roku in a secure environment. The app only includes content that is acceptable for young viewers and contains a carefully chosen selection of that content.

I don’t have a Roku account, but can I watch YouTube Kids on Roku?
No, in order to utilize the YouTube Kids app on your Roku device, you must have a Roku account.


In conclusion, letting kids enjoy their favorite videos and show on YouTube Kids on Roku is a fun and simple experience. YouTube Kids on Roku is a fantastic option for families searching for a secure and pleasurable streaming experience thanks to its user-friendly interface, the huge library of age-appropriate material, and strong parental controls. Add the app to your Roku device right away.

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