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VirtualBox Download For PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

VirtualBox – intellectual product for the virtualization process. As the main purpose appears to create virtual copies of machines, in which a choice of the necessary hardware with the possibility to run almost any type of operating systems. Using the provided software developers this option, you can arrange hassle-free run Windows / Linux / Mac OS on your PC, regardless of whether, under the control of any of the operating systems it was originally. In this case, users do not need to carry out the traditional installation on the hard drive, all that is required is to download VirtualBox. After that, the process of installing the new operating system will pass very quickly, with default ‘system will not be affected.

For this application is characterized by cross-platform and multi-functionality. Effective work with it is possible, as in the low-power PCs and servers and cloud services. Supports dynamic translation, is provided through effective communication with the virtual part of the hardware component. You may want to retain effective configuration for their further use. Spread is based on the free license, and support for Open Source provides constant improvements.

Main Features Of VirtualBox

VirtualBox – a powerful software virtualization OS for x86 and AMD64 / Intel64. Is an excellent choice for both professionals and novice users. Contains a list of functional tools for a high degree of efficiency and productivity. For the exchange of information between the “external” and “internal” a shell used network shares.

For the most comfortable communicating with the network, the software package to create your own connection. Also, everything happens within a single clipboard, which also contributes to the cause of rationalization. Virtualized components are installed in the same manner as the classical prototypes. As part of VirtualBox supports optical drives, external USB drives and disk images.

Key Features Of VirtualBox:

  • Support for 64-bit guest operating systems, even onĀ  32-bit host systems.
  • SMP support on the side of the guest.
  • Experimental support for hardware 3D-acceleration.
  • Support for a hard disk VMDK and VHD.
  • Virtualization audio (AC97, SoundBlaster 16).
  • Support for various types of networking (NAT, Host Networking Via Bridged, Internal).
  • Support the chain saved state of the virtual machine (snapshots), which can be produced rolled back from any state guest system.
  • Support for Shared Folders for easy sharing files between the host and guest systems.
  • Support for the integration of desktops (seamless mode) the host and guest OS.


The Advantages Of VirtualBox

Modular software architecture
Support USB
Built-in RDP-server

VirtualBox Download

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