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USB Disk Security Download For PC (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1)

USB Disk Security – a program that provides protection against malicious programs that try to enter your computer through the USB-device. If you compare the USB Disk Security with antivirus solutions, you can establish the fact that this tool provides 100% protection against any virus threats, seeking to penetrate via USB drive, however, most antivirus products are not able to guarantee even 90% protection. USB Disk Security – the best tool to protect your computer from malicious programs from out not on a computer connected to the Internet. This utility does not require regular signature updates, while others solutions can not do without it, they have to install updates to protect your computer, in terms of battery life (without an Internet connection) do not guarantee safety.

USB Disk Security – the software responsible for the security of information coming from the so-called removable storage: USB-gadgets, flash-cards, SD-card technology Apple.

Utility, it is worth noting installed with other antivirus software up and running, without disturbing them, and being compatible with almost all anti-virus programs. In this case, if free download USB Disk Security, is not required postoyannno Internet connection: proactive protection system does not require constant signature updates. When setting the default program simply clears the virus.

USB Disk Security program for Windows (compatible way, with all versions of the operating system) is a software type “set and forget”. Easy to use, easy to set up, the utility is also the fastest Antivirus industry today. Download USB Disk Security antivirus and immediately start using it can each: program interface supports 13 languages.

Also download USB Disk Security computer makes sense to those who do not want to admit kompirovaniya or theft of data from its system. The program allows you to protect data from being copied to a USB-drives and in general to protect your computer from unwanted connect USB-carriers. The utility also allows you to completely disable the AutoRun feature, and fine custom setting allows you to manage programs in the startup list.

Support flash drives, SD-card, connected via USB-devices (iPods, tablets, smart phones, camera);

Possibility Of USB Disk Security

  • Block all malicious files;
  • Module that protects against data theft (prohibition copy anything from disks PC);
  • Scanning devices;
  • Quarantine facilities at risk;
  • Check hazardous URL;
  • Delete temporary files;
  • Removing dangerous files.
  • Protect your data from theft with the stick;
  • Protecting your computer from viruses and security risks in the absence of the Internet

USB Disk Security is the best solution to protect the computers (laptops) that do not have a permanent connection to the Internet, but often work with removable media such as USB-stick, memory card, external hard drive or other storage media connected to the PC via USB-port.


USB Disk Security Download

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Sahil Shah
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