Typing 10 2.5 Free Download

Typing 10 is a program whose purpose is to learn typing, acquiring techniques to type faster using the keyboard. It consists of exercises that will indicate how to place fingers and tighten what keys each. Start with exercises grouped by sector keyboard, advancing to use it completely.

It has 36 levels of difficulty, and a total of approximately 600 years. Reaching the highest level requires a lot of practice and time commitment, but it is necessary, and a good method to write quickly, without looking at the keyboard, and using all the fingers of both hands.

Typing 10 2.5 Download

The program generates statistics related to the different levels and exercises, which can be useful to know how much progress is being made in typing speed.

The interface is simple, but also is a useful tool for learning to type fast.

The version 2.5 is the latest Typing 10 and is free and is available for Windows.

Typing 10 2.5 Download

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