Torrenut – bittorrent client

Torrenut – bittorrent client is a consumer for sharing files with which you can download from the net all the files you want. The power of this plan is its simplicity. Torrenut – bittorrent client, has been created to be lightweight, quick and minimum. The user interface, with no frills, it is in truth really intuitive to use. All you have to do is start off the system, include the torrent file and begin your download.

Torrenut – bittorrent client certainly enables multiple downloads and makes it possible for some modifications such as bandwidth management and torrent. It ‘also supported the use of the program on the personal computer behind nat and firewall. This client for file sharing is distributed totally free underneath license from Open Source and anyone can collaborate in its advancement.Into Offered the nature of the plan, we inspire you to use its legal to download from the grid material is not protected by copyright.

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